Lionel Enard Meilleur ouvrier de France

Craftsman of emotions

Wood is born, spins and dances, this is the legacy of the family’s passion for wood.

The instrument still bears the magic of its first notes at the Lycée Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume in Mirecourt and the discipline transmitted for years by Jean-Frédéric Schmitt in Lyon.

Moved by a love for music and guided by a sensitivity in the service of tone, Lionel Enard demonstrates his know-how as Meilleur Ouvrier de France [Best Craftsperson in France] at his workshop.

2023 Mirecourt International Competition of Instrument and Bow Making, cello category.

  • 1st Special Musicians’ Prize
  • 3rd Prize Instrument Making

Meilleur ouvrier de France

Listening to the musician

The priority is to understand the musician’s sensitivity and expectations in all areas of their activity:





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